segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008


De Belém, a metrópole amazônica, a Soure, a "capital" da Ilha de Marajó.

"When the Portuguese launched offensive expeditions for enslavement and 'pacification' of the Nheengaíbas, the Indians reportedly abandoned their settlements and spread over the territory (António Vieira letters I, p. 556-58, 462 in Leite 1950). Their resistence was so efficient that they were never defeated in their own land, which explains the total absence of colonial descriptions of their villages and way of life. (...) Available evidence suggests that the Nheegaíbas were the ethnohistorical counterpart of the Marajoara societies in their last period"

Denise Shaan, 2004: 146-147

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